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Dear Paul

I don’t know how to find the words to say thank you for teaching me to drive, I have enjoyed every minute.

However firstly I really should thank Chris Kelly’ s receptionist  who suggested I should contact you as they couldn’t provide an Instructor who could cope with my needs.

I was so nervous before I started my lessons, fearing that I’d left it way too late in life to take such a big step, but from my first lesson you gave me the confidence to take each day as it came, even though I was very apprehensive and a bit of a wuss at times.

Adapting a piece of foam and a carpet strip into my arm support goes way beyond the call of duty, you should really patent this idea and take it to Dragons Den, make your fortune and buy Grumpy Cottage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The lessons have been so much fun, your guidance and advice will stay with me for ever, ” Don’t look at the truck” is etched in my brain” and as for the bird of Prey in Frodsham! words fail me and that doesn’t happen often.

To give such a huge variation of driving experiences of have been invaluable I feel confident That I will to be able to travel to all the places I need to visit, but conning me into driving through the Birkenhead Tunnel was extremely sneeky.

Could you send my thanks again to Joy for giving me my Practice Test, It was lovely to meet her and tell her to remember to let me know about her “Run”.

And thank you Angela for calling on Tuesday, it was so good to chat to you.

Once again thank you, thank you, nowhere in my wildest dreams way back at the end of September, did I think it was possible that I would learn to drive, let alone pass my test first time.

Much love


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